Maui 2012 – Day Three

Short post about today. I need to catch up. First, thanks for the many 'likes' on my Maui posts to date. YOU folks have GREAT travel blogs. I haven't had a chance to explore the sites in depth but I see at a glance some fascinating travel experiences. There are posts on Rangoon, Jakarta, Singapore, … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Three

Maui 2012 – Day Two?

One? One and a half? We arrived yesterday evening and picked up the rental car surprise, a Cadillac SRX: The views from our suite were beautiful as the sun slowly sank in the west: A double-dog-dare-ya' Mai Tai (not its real name) pretty much put the cap on the evening: Jet lag and me getting … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Two?