Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2019: Happiness (first comments)

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What are YOU reading? …and other musings

But enough about you. Today while I walked KaCee the Wonder Dog along side the Dam Road I listened to most of the Werner Erhard CD: Transformation: The Life And Legacy Of Werner Erhard.  (Listening is almost the same as reading, and listening about Werner is valuable literature indeed.)  It was poignant, moving, profound.  I recommend … Continue reading What are YOU reading? …and other musings

Good fiction themes

I wish I could write fiction. The likelihood of that happening is the same as "I wish I was taller". I admire anyone who can make up a story. The more they can make up, and the more engrossing it is, the more I admire them. Still, I was contemplating a fiction theme, or plot, … Continue reading Good fiction themes