Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here

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That’s an American popular song first published in 1917, according to Wikipedia.

What was my last line in Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016 ?  “I promise to post before snow flies next winter OR this June.”  OOPS!  Hail is a form of snow isn’t it?

6 June 2016 Front yard hail
6 June 2016 Front yard hail


Ping-Pong/Golf ball size hail to start. Gratefully it is ‘only’ gravel-size for the next 45 minutes.
Jupiter's Beard
Jupiter’s Beard 22 May
Purple Mountain African Daisy (Osteospermum)
Purple Mountain African Daisy (Osteospermum) 22 May
Jupiter’s Beard and Africa Daisy 7 June
African Daisy 7 June
Diabolo Ninebark
Diabolo Ninebark 22 May
Nine-bark Diablo 7 June
Shredded Balloon Flower blossoming 3 days later!!

Most of the house damage is minor.  Shredded screens, no broken windows.  We will probably get a new roof.

Reading as I do a lot of history and current events, this is trivial folly compared to the ills and disasters around the world.  The joke’s on me this time!



10 thoughts on “Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I live in Denver. Fortunately the ping-pong size hail was only the opening salvo and it reduced to gravel-size for the next 45 minutes. Here in the ‘burbs we get a modest hailstorm or two every year. This one was larger and longer. The roof took the brunt as they always do. It was almost comical to see the roofing contractors swarming the neighborhood as soon as the storm stopped and for the next day or two. There was even a plane flying overhead pulling a contractor’s advertising banner. Only in America!


  1. From the size of the hail, aren’t you glad you did not go out to defend your plantings?

    The noise must have been deafening!



    RE: negative interest rates (which are analogous to hail)

    I think the Saudi’s attempt to raise cash (Aramco) (and others in the potentate class) is the canary in the coal mine….

    When the next bump in the road occurs the Central Banks have run out of ammunition….

    The Governments have already spent more than they can afford

    and there will be the self reinforcing deflationary / depression spiral where cash is useful…

    followed by inflation like we have never seen in our lives and

    this is where the Saudis will buy whole countrys on the cheap with the cash they have raised by selling their commodity Aramco

    During the deflationary/ depression phase,

    the duopoly president Clinton merely sends everyone a check for a million dollars to stimulate growth ( and inflation)?


    Is there any of this that makes sense?

    On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 8:47 AM, Johns Space ….. wrote:

    > JohnRH posted: “[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever] That’s > an American popular song first published in 1917, according to Wikipedia. > What was my last line in Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016 ? “I promise to > post before snow flies next winter OR this Jun” >


    1. P.S. I googled ‘Saudis selling Aramco’ and learned more about what you say. Hmm. I like your reference to duopoly president[s] Clinton too. People should keep that in mind.


  2. I love the second pic! We get hail here very occasionally, mostly in the early season. (ie end of winter, in what would be spring if we had one!)
    Our neighbour once grew a “make or break” crop of wheat, which here, is reaped in the very late winter, when its usually hot and dry and dusty.
    We had to drive though the ranch part of his farm to get home, and almost as soon as we crossed onto his place, we saw the stripped trees, and piles of ice, just like your pics above. We felt pretty bad for our neighbour and phoned him to commiserate.
    No, he told us, its ok – he had also watched the hail, crashing down on his grazing paddocks, sweeping towards his wheat fields, and then miraculously, right up against the river, the storm swung downstream (towards us) and petered out there in a grove of big trees!
    Nice to see African Daisies so far from home! You should see them in their natural environment in the desert – an incredible sight!

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    1. Nature is a fascinating, powerful force. RE: African Daisies, I didn’t post pictures previously of how the blossoms fold up and close at night or on cloudy days. Amazing Nature.

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