(Sofia leads.) It's Spring tomorrow, at least according to some man-made interpretation of the physical universe. Here in the man-made interpretation named the Colorado Rocky Mountains, created by Mother Nature of course, we are barely getting the memo yet. It is warming, slowly, and was a blue-sky day in a chilly breeze, as we hiked … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #241 – Spring

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #240 – The Road (most often) Taken

(Johnbo leads.) Judging from my own long-time banner at the top, I should be able to relate, or not, with this theme. Despite my admiration for the contrarian individual, I often tend towards the road most taken. Johnbo's theme refers to favorite photography style or type. My fave is anything without people (landscape, seascape, architecture, … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #240 – The Road (most often) Taken


(Tina leads.) What more peaceful sedative for the soul than a breath of fresh rose? 'I could drink a case of you.' (À la Joni Mitchell.) From the recent holiday: Perhaps there is peace in a sip of the grape. Was it inevitable that mankind would refine fermentation? And you thought an apple from the … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #239 – Finding Peace


(Leya leads.) Hmmm. Deeply insightful theme this week. As Despair.Com says about Loneliness: "If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you're not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone." Do not despair, that can be a good thing. In this crowded, hectic world it can be hard to find alone time. One of … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #238 – Alone Time

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness. Pt. 2

(Bren leads.) Here are a few more 'softies'. My memory being what it isn't, I believe these first two photos are conversions from print to digital, though the softness was in the originals. Stirling Bridge, Scotland: Somewhere in England, near the end of the previous century: Finally, we have the Bayeux Cathedral, one of my … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness. Pt. 2

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness.

(Bren leads.) A first stab, just to be an early submitter, but I'm reminded of a couple of other photos I have that might be appropriate. Perhaps this is a good use of the iPhone photo 'tap and hold', that extracts a primary subject from a cluttered background, as I did with these Valentine's Day … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness.


(Amy leads.) Baaannnzzzzaaaaiii!!! I mean... BONSAI!!! Many an American botanic garden has Japanese-style miniature trees: Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Botanic Gardens Franklin Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio Franklin Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio or... NORTH vs. SOUTH: Alaska Virgin Islands Get the message?    

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #235 – Shadows & Reflections in Monochrome

(Patti leads.) Hmmm. Inscrutable. I don't shoot monochrome very often, though I envy the many fine monochromaticists amongst us. I did shoot some monochromes last November near the old mining town of Victor, Colorado. There once was a lot of gold in them thar' hills. Shadows, but no reflections other than philosophical, in this spartan, … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #235 – Shadows & Reflections in Monochrome

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #234 – Messages Pt. 2

(Wind Kisses leads.) Elizabatz inspired me to post some murals and messages from Belfast, Ireland. Murals about 'The Troubles':     The previous is in a lighter vein, as are these messages: Amen. "Message in a bottle, yeah Message in a bottle, yeah" ...or on a wall. Elizabatz has a nice art site too. Check … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #234 – Messages Pt. 2


(Wind Kisses leads.) Following is the ear worm for the day: "I'll send an S.O.S to the worldI'll send an S.O.S to the worldI hope that someone gets myI hope that someone gets myI hope that someone gets myMessage in a bottle, yeah Message in a bottle, yeah"--by The Police There must be a message … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #234 – Messages


(Anne leads.) Per Anne: 'My challenge for you is to take a lens for a walk.' Walking outside is DISMAL today! From the archives, Nikon D5200 with kit lens. The Cloudup gallery below is quirky, as usual. If the last photo doesn't display, try clicking the arrow at lower right of the box, or the … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #233 – A One Lens Walk

Lapham’s Quarterly June/July 2022: Education – Pt. 5 & Final – Addendum

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham's Quarterly, Reading, Book Review][Click HERE to see my previous posts referencing Lapham’s Quarterly.][Some of LQ’s contents are available free.][L.Q. cover, quotes, and images are from Lapham’s Quarterly June/July 2022:Education, except where noted.][Click or right-click on an image may give the option to open it separately.][NEW to Lapham's Quarterly? See the standard notes … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly June/July 2022: Education – Pt. 5 & Final – Addendum


(Sofia leads.) Per Sofia: 'This challenge is about time, how things evolve.' '...Looking Back to the History of Art and try to represent steppingstones in its evolution.' '... 2-dimensional...' [Walk like an E-gyp-tian:] '...Perspective...' [I'm stonewalling.] '...Still Life...' [ I don't see anything moving.] '...AI and Art...' [AI selfies in Cloudup. (If it's black, refresh page. Click … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #232 – Looking Back


(Tina leads.) Last danceLast chance for loveYes, it's my last chanceFor romance tonight ---Last Dance by Donna Summer Well, romance or not, it's Last Chance. Previously unpublished is easy to narrow for me. That would be photos I've taken since last weeks challenge. Our senior hiking group last Tuesday encountered animal life, domestic and wild, … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #230 – Last Chance

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #229 – Perfect Patterns

(A-C leads.) Hmmm. Perfection. A noble pursuit, but always a pursuit? Do you think perfection must include precision? Once upon a time I collected cut crystal glass: English celery vase: Another red cut glass: All gone now. Do some artists strive for perfection? What could be more perfect than that? Do I detect a pattern … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #229 – Perfect Patterns

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #228 – Diagonals Pt. 3

(Patti leads.) HELP!!! I'm stuck in a Groundhog Day, deja vu all over again, time-space continuum wormhole, repeating loop. Diagonals, this week, is yet another great theme, and I keep finding DIAGONALS! "With a bit of a mind flipYou're into the time slipAnd nothing can ever be the sameYou're spaced out on sensationLike you're under … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #228 – Diagonals Pt. 3