“On the road again…” Pt. V and Final – Albuquerque ‘una vez más’

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I’ve been to ABQ a few times before but I had no idea there was so much to do.  Here are samples.

Hiking on Sandia Peak: Catch the tram very early to avoid the crowds.  Dress very warmly as it can be VERY cold and VERY windy at the top.  Emphasis on all the VERY!

The tram ride:

Hiking at Sandia Peak:

The Nuclear Museum:  Lest we forget.  A thorough indoor and outdoor display with excellent docents many of whom are retired nuclear scientists.

Treasure hunting in petroglyph country:  It’s less than a two mile walk but it was fun to try and find the items depicted on the map.

The ABQ BioPark, consisting of a zoo, aquarium, botanic garden, BUGarium(!), and more.  We did the aqua, botanic, and BUGS and thoroughly enjoyed them:

Hiking along the Rio Grande near the BioPark (you can park there for both).  It’s a leisurely stroll along sandy trails with a few views from a pedestrian bridge.

Casa Rondena Winery:  Excellent wines and a wonderful place to sit and sip them.  We brought several bottles home.  I recommend it.

This is the last of my Albuquerque road trip posts.  We did more but I will spare you the Turquoise Trail and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum (in Santa Fe).  My work here is done. Happy Trails.



10 thoughts on ““On the road again…” Pt. V and Final – Albuquerque ‘una vez más’

    1. Lots to do. Three couples of us rented a house during Balloon week through VRBO and that worked well for a ‘reasonable’ price. The shuttles from several major shopping centers to and from the Fiesta site works well also. They close the schools that week and use the school buses. Lines and lines of them. A practical use of resources.


  1. I rode my bicycle across the bridge and the along the Rio Grande [on the Paseo del Bosque Trail] last autumn, when we stopped in Albuquerque on our trip to Sedona. I’m just now in th eprocess of blogging about that trip. As to “On the Road again”: I have a video up on YouTube [ https://youtu.be/MeZcBloe5Y4 ] of a short part of I-40 between Santa Rosa and Albuquerque, with, among others, Willie Nelson as background music. In order not to violate copyright, I could only use short clips of the different songs.

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