LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #173 – Interesting Architecture Pt. 2

Tina leads. That SECOND notable aspect of architecture I noted in Spain was ultra-modern and ‘Modernisme’.

Speaking of architect Calatrava (Santiago), In Valencia, Spain we did an exterior visual tour of the new and ultra-modern City of Arts and Sciences.

[Click to enlarge. Hover and click the plus sign. Scroll up and down. Right or left arrow to another photo. Click lower right arrow. Zoom. Play. Zoom more.]

Modernisme/Catalan Modernism (Catalonia’s response to Art Nouveau) is best exemplified by the Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi works. First up is the Casa Batllo’ and Casa Mila’ by Antonio Gaudi:

Finally, love it or not, there is absolutely nothing quite like the basilica Sagrada Familia:

Stay well, stay safe, be weird, wonderful, and architectural.

40 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #173 – Interesting Architecture Pt. 2

  1. Well you timing was terrific on this one John – what better place to explore architecture than Barcelona!.. Calatrava’s architecture looks much better in this environment, surrounded by similar structures, than it does in the heart of NYC IMHO. Just sayin’

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  2. For some reason, the images aren’t loading for me, John. I’m getting black rectangles after several minutes of waiting. It seems that others could see them, so it’s probably something on my end.

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      1. Well your pictures have to go through an additional server. I had a program on my self-hosted blog like that, and it slowed it down rather than making it faster. I don’t worry about it as much now because I optimize, resizing and compressing them before I load them.

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      2. Marsha, do you use a VPN on your browser? I do when I am banking or doing some financial or personal connections. I’ve found the VPN can really slow down my browser response.
        I’d like to leave it on permanently, but found it is too restrictive.

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      3. Just curious about the slow down you’re experiencing. I got to thinking it might be browser related as well. There are so many reasons a site might not load quickly on someone’s computer. These problems are so hard to troubleshoot.

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      4. I tried it on both of my browsers to check, but they wouldn’t load quickly on either (and I mean within 3-5 minutes while I was looking at them). When I came back to the computer a couple of hours later, they had loaded. So, I think it is the service that John uses because he has had problems before. Browsers can be an issue with things, though.

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      5. It does seem like a bottleneck somewhere. I sometimes have problems accessing bloggers on Blogspot or ‘off-WordPress’ sites. TBD………


  3. For what it’s worth, John, I turned on my VPN (part of Norton 360) and went directly to your site. The images loaded slightly more slowly for me, but once each window loaded, the scroll went quickly. That makes sense in that the load is probably storing the entire gallery.

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    1. It does seem like it’s loading the whole thing, even though I think it’s not ‘supposed’ too. Cloudup advertises this as ‘fast’, not stored on personal server. Dunno.


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