LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #224 – Exposure Pt. 2

(Sofia leads.)

The many, many fine examples submitted by OTHER bloggers for this week’s theme have inspired me to delve into my archives and experiment with some rudimentary post-processing with my Apple Photos functionality. I’m too economically conservative (cheap) to pay for Lightroom et al.

Following is a super-zoom of Takakaw Falls in Yoho National Park from farrrrr away, first ‘au natural’, then tweaked. Exposure and saturation were increased, shadow and brightness decreased, in Apple Photos edit mode..

Next is an unedited, somewhat silky, waterfall. This was shot with my Panasonic ZS-200 with a slower shutter speed of 1/30 second. Handheld, by the way.

Another silky waterfall (silkies R us), from a distance, handheld again, steadied of course:

Finally, we have the iPhone HDR ‘LIVE’ shortcut. The still shot captures the water drops in mid-air, but converting a duplicate from Live to Long Exposure gives the silky effect.

Silkies have never been easier!

Exposure is a work in progress.

Continue to be kind to everything, everyone, and their exposure.




24 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #224 – Exposure Pt. 2

  1. I’m with Anne on this one John. Good for you for revisiting some earlier work to “play” with exposure. Loved your closing example. Apple’s product has come a very long way and the price is definitely right šŸ˜Š. I must admit although I am a HUGE Apple fan I’m still really ticked off about how they dropped support of Aperture in which I had ALL of my images and was faced with a massive job of converting to L/R. šŸ˜”

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