Reading enough?

Saturday Morning with the New York Times and a Dog
Image by epc via Flickr

I’m retired.  Some of my goals in retirement are to learn, read, educate myself, “be a better person” for my own sake.  If some of this is a contribution to “the great society”, well, what a novel idea.  “Self Matters” as Dr. Phil says.

Although I’ve read books fairly continuously throughout my life from an early age to present, I have been a very avid reader since I retired.  I may well have read as many books in nearly six years of retirement as in a considerable portion of the rest of my life. I’ve definitely read more non-fiction than ever before.

I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I felt I should be reading more.  I said I could easily be reading at least 2-3 hours a day.  In retrospect I should have qualified that as I felt I should be reading my current books of intent 2-3 hours a day.  I probably spend at least 1 1/2 hrs or more per day reading on the internet.  I read emails, from which I get links to the NYT and WSH, other financial reports, general online surfing of news ( is a laptop favorite, is very informative from my Blackberry).  I check to keep up on exciting local community details.  I’m forever googling for every other thought I have that needs an inquiry.  U-name-it.

But READING my chosen books, as in curling up with said good book or dvd lecture course for a couple of hours straight?  Not nearly enough.  Tooo much vegging (relaxing to the point of complete inertia) in front of the TV many evenings.  “I” say I can, and will, do better.

How much time daily or weekly do YOU spend reading?

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