Republicans’ Debate Mon. 13 June

Is this old news now?  Has the dust settled?  I watched one hr+ of the 2 hours scheduled.  I liked it.  I liked the candidates (some more than others) and I liked what they said.  I think this country has a good number from which to choose their replacement for Barack Obama.

That seemed to be a central theme for the debaters.  One… term… president.  That’s what it comes down to for me.  No more “chances” to do what is right.  We have neither the time nor the money.  No more “hope”, LOTS more change, from someone else.  For me it’s A… B… O…  Anybody But Obama.  I will vote for Bozo The Clown if I have to.  (Though please let’s find someone better than Bozo, or Sarah Palin for that matter, and I don’t mean to equate her with clownishness.  She has become a formidable spokesperson and can serve well in that capacity, just not as president or V.P., please.  Her bus tour was a PR coup, one that a contending candidate could have used if they had thought of it.)

What about those contenders?  They all speak well, IMO.  There is not a clown among them.  I like (not in any order) Romney, Pawlenty, Bachmann.  (Bachmann is the surprise to me.  She speaks VERY well.  I think she would be an outstanding V.P. candidate for any presidential frontrunner.  Santorum talks the talk and has senatorial experience.  Newt is my least favorite of those I consider most eligible.  He would still get my vote over B.O.  Ron Paul provides a needed counter-balance on issues, but he is tooo outside the box to win the election (or even the nomination) IMO.  Herman Cain also provides a welcome perspective on issues, but also is likely unelectable due to his lack of experience in elected office.  (That’s an ideological plus for most of us, but ultimately a deal-breaker in an election.)

Who are your early favorites?

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