The Racketeer by John Grisham


No-spoilers alert! This book is too good to interfere with the suspense and plot twists. You will get more info from the book jacket or other reviews than you will from me. I try not to read other reviews before writing my own so I can give my untainted opinion.

The Racketeer is pure entertainment. I couldn’t put it down. Grisham is a master storyteller and tale-weaver. There isn’t a deep background message or agenda as perhaps in The Confession, The Appeal, or his non-fiction An Innocent Man. He does take jabs at prison life and Federal big gov’mint. (Why the threat of incarceration doesn’t keep even the most amoral human ‘beans somewhat law-abiding is beyond me.)

The plot twists and turns with suspense through the entire book. What next?! How will it end?! I’m not a rabid Grisham fan. I’ve read eight or so of his books, seen some of the movies. I never feel like either I or Grisham are in a rut with his books. This one does not drag, bore, or tire.

Buy this book at a discount or borrow it from your library. (Sorry John.) Why? Because voracious readers and/or Grisham fans will devour it in short order. Any sex and violence is lightly done so your mom (or mine) is not likely to be offended. I highly recommend this book for light, escapist reading. I give it five out of five stars for an easy on the eyes well-told tale.

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