Timberwolves Europe 2013, Berlin, The Last Day. Mon. 13 May.


(See previous posts for what this tour is about.) (As always, click on photos to enlarge.)

Today is the final 1/2 day of the tour, though everyone doesn’t scatter for return to the U.S. or extra days in Europe until tomorrow. As required by Berlin law we have an ‘official’ guide give us a 3-hour bus tour in the morning (still on our own ‘official’ Timberwolves bus).

Following is a potpourri of photos.

This is the last day of the Timberwolves Europe 2013 posts. I do have some days to expand upon, generally some between the 7th and 11th or so, give or take. I will do that. As I’ve said before I really could write a small book or a long chapter on every day of the tour.

This is the 3rd Timberwolf Europe Tour for m’lady and me and every one of them has been phenomenal. Our guide for every tour, Patrick, has been the consummate English gentleman and his encyclopedic knowledge of all things has been an education.

The U.S. 104th Infantry Division WWII vets, family, and friends have been a comfort to be with. Pup and Tour Coordinator Mary has been tireless and complete in her efforts.

What makes this tour an international treasure are the dedication of the Europeans to honoring the WWII vets and keeping alive the meaning of freedom. The Dutch and Belgians are tireless also, including Piet, Esther, and Vincent on this trip and many, many, many more along the way. German locals and ‘historians’ like Albert and Matthias have made this tour special and have extended international friendships that we look forward to continuing and strengthening.

Thank you everyone.

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