Take A Hike. The End Of Autumn (nearly).

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Our hiking group did a single track trail hike near Denver, Colorado this week.

The numerous rattlesnake warning signs concerned me, but I’m glad to say I didn’t see any.  I did see one hiking elsewhere 5 days previous, but he kept on going and so did I, though not in his direction.

Click the gallery to see nine photos, captioned and zoomable:

Back home, leaves in the neighborhood are well on their way through autumn.

A 5-photo sampling:

Finally, a software-induced representation of bush leaves in the ‘hood:

Is it real?

Or not?

Leaf me alone.

Winter is coming.

12 thoughts on “Take A Hike. The End Of Autumn (nearly).

    1. Thank you Frankie. Sorry for the late reply. I trust all is well your way RE: Mugabe, elephants, et al. Governments, who needs them (or wants them most of the time). Ugh.


  1. Well John, I enjoyed your take on autumn as we don’t get color here in the south. It’s one of the few things I miss about living in the north – definitely not worth it if one has to put up with winter tho!

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    1. My parents lived on Hilton Head Island for a long time. They are gone from there now but I loved Christmas at HH, walking in solitude on the beach, mild weather. A lot to be said for it.


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