I’ll see your Hummingbirds, and raise you…

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[All photos are mine, hosted on Cloudup.com. Let me know if you have access problems.]

… more Hummingbirds!

I saw Ms. Knoke’s drop-dead gorgeous blogpost of hummingbirds last evening (https://cindyknoke.com/2018/07/21/winged-lightening/ ) and coincidentally stumbled upon my own plethora of the speed-winged creatures today.

Inspired, I took numerous handheld pictures to share.  They don’t have the crisp clarity that Ms. Knoke ALWAYS achieves (I’m not jealous!!), but you get the picture.

For the hummer obsessed, here is an older post from Ms. Knoke to enjoy.


“Hummingbird don’t fly away, fly away…” –Seals & Crofts

10 thoughts on “I’ll see your Hummingbirds, and raise you…

  1. I got cut off….Is this your garden? It looks idyllic and your shots are so natural and lovely. They show a hummingbird in paradise, like they should be. Love your captures and your garden.

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