Lens-Artists Challenge #151 – From Large to Small

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Per Patti …Pick a color and take several photos that feature that color.  Start with a photo of a big subject in that color (for example, a wall) and move all the way down to a small subject in that same color (for example, an earring).

Summer geraniums on our patio seem to fit the theme this week.

Whether I’m shooting far-off landscapes, or fairly close subjects, I frequently shoot 3 times: distance as seen, zoomed half-way, and zoomed as close as possible.

A week ago, on two consecutive days, I took pictures of the geraniums.

All shot from about 8 feet away, the first day was ‘normal’, then zoomed.

The next day it was raining lightly, so, from the same distance, I had the opportunity to get water drop shots that I much admire from other photographers:

Voila’. From Large to Small, with RED accent!

I rest my case.

Stay safe, be well, be kind to one another.

39 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #151 – From Large to Small

  1. Hey there – I love your post for so many reasons
    here are three reasons
    first – this is on eo fly favorite flowers – the wonderful geranium
    second, the creative way you chose to use the same subject and then zoom on in
    and third, the bricks – the reenlisted in the leaves and the droplets on the red – mmmmm – such good stuff


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