Tina leads.

‘Tis the season. Holidays, that is. Uncreative as I am, I will follow Tina’s lead and start with Christmas tree ornaments. Our ornaments consist entirely of souvenirs m’lady has acquired during our 25 years of travel together. (Photos are clickable and can be enlarged many times, many ways. (Merrry Christmas, to youuuu.))

Two ornaments from Costa Rica, July 2021.

Remember the toucan. (Who can? You can!)

Spain, Flamenco dancer and Madrid, October 2021

Following, I CHOOSE, are ‘a few of my favorite things’ (tra la la la la) from last Thanksgiving’s visit to the National Museum of World War II Aviation. (Browse the link for identifications and info.) It is noteworthy that all the aircraft at this museum are flyable unless down for current maintenance.

Stay well, stay safe, be weird and wonderful, shapely and designed, follow your bliss, but remember, You Choose!

37 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #178 – You Choose

  1. No but you always post something authentic and real, I love that.
    What is Christmas indeed without this trala-la-la and ornaments ?it makes the feel more genuine.Happy Holidays to you too!


  2. That aviation museum is new to me. I’ll have to put it on my list the next time we visit Colorado Springs. We were through there in September and had I realized it was there, we’d have made the time to stop.

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  3. Nice selections John. Your who can, you can reminded me of the old Pie Traynor commercial “Who can, Ameri-can”. You being from Pittsburgh, just wondered if you remembered or heard that one? It was always on Saturday’s Studio Wrestling…lol.

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    1. Well that’s no good! Thanks for letting me know. Try clicking on the grey squares anyway, or click on the center of the bottom margin. I will research here also. I’ll try a Chrome browser. I think m’lady has Edge on her laptop also. I use an Apple MacBook and Safari browser, and the picture gallery is a function of WordPress’s Cloudup Embed. To be continued…

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