(Leya leads.)

Hmmm. Deeply insightful theme this week. As Despair.Com says about Loneliness: “If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you’re not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone.”

Do not despair, that can be a good thing. In this crowded, hectic world it can be hard to find alone time.

One of my favorite ‘lone’ photos that I’ve posted many times is this empty shell of a vehicle, out standing in its field (pun, get it?), alone… so alone. But look at the views it has!

(Digitally ‘greened’ via Apple Photos with increased Saturation and Vibrance, etc.)

Yet another lofty sentinel, The Ladder, standing by to serve… silent, servile, observant. In a loft.

They don’t make them like this anymore, and rarely even did.

The ladder is displayed courtesy WordPress/Automattic’s Cloudup.Com. If it’s a black box, click everywhere and keep on clickin’.

This sojourn dropped me into a point in time and archives where I was reminded of alone times I love, those with views of nature:

As seen from lofty citadels, decades gone by:

Everyone needs a place to rest, and a resting place. Here at 11,000′ or so, ASL, we scattered our penultimate Westie, to forever gaze upon mountain majesty:

We hike up here occasionally, to remember, and contemplate.

Alone, so alone. Thankfully.

(CHEERUP! It’s ok to be alone.)

(check out Tina’s post too.)


24 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #238 – Alone Time

  1. Beautiful images to make one think. I am one of 6 children and always felt alone but liked it. It seems I feel cozy knowing it is up to me, myself, and I to do something with life. The older I get (68) the more I like being alone. But…when I am let loose, I do have some fun 🙂


  2. Beautiful, John. I love that lone car with a view, and the farewell to your sweet westie. A special place chosen, a special place to find memories. Alone times with views of nature – I’m with you. (!)

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