Travel blogging from an iPad2


[It’s 6am as I attempt to finish this post. It’s about the time on my trip I’ll be heading to the hotel exercise room for a little cardio. The battle between exercise, tour walking, and fabulous food on the trip will be ferocious.]

I’m trying to post using the WordPress for iPad app. The problem I’ve found is being able, or not, to post large photos, have them enlarge again on a click, and also being able to post photo gallery slideshows. It seems a photo needs to be posted as moderately ‘large’ and then it will expand to even larger.

Let’s try posting the brochure cover for my upcoming trip to Europe. (You will note that, contrary to the list in my previous post ‘Prepping for Prague’, the tour starts in Amsterdam, ends in Berlin, and my extra nights end in Prague. I’ll explain more about the WWII portion when the trip starts. M’lady and I are not WWII fanatics, her father is a WWII Timberwolf veteran of the route we are tracing, and many Dutch and Belgians we have met and will meet are unbelievable examples of keeping the meaning of freedom alive. We might call this the Remember Your Freedom Tour. )


That works. However I see a problem in flexibility, and that is because I’m using the WordPress iPad app. I don’t see a way to do the slideshow/gallery I use in Safari. Perhaps I can use WordPress from the iPad Safari browser, if I am able to move photos from the iPad to WordPress. Let’s try it:

3 days in Prague map
3 days in Prague map

I have more flexibility with photo manipulation in Safari WordPress but the manipulation and text editing is very cumbersome in Visual mode. Text mode is easier. (There are Visual and Text tabs at the upper right of a post in Edit mode.) The webpage frames and text overlap and are difficult to read. These travel posts could be very brief, which most people will like I suspect. I don’t want to spend hours doing it on the road anyway. I’m traveling to do other things besides blogggg.

What may work is to add photos via WordPress Safari and then add text via WordPress iPad. Am I having fun yet? (I just read a year-old web article about someone addressing the same problem. He suggests uploading all photos via the iPad app and then add text via the Safari interface. I’m finding it easier to do the opposite. His post is here.)

Let’s insert a video. It will have to come via YouTube as I haven’t upgraded to VideoPress and thus can’t upload videos directly to WordPress. It’s an iPhone5 video I took of a women’s busker band on the 16th St. Mall in Denver 25 Apr. and uploaded to YouTube.

Everyone loves dogs. Almost everyone. DogBertha the Westie (on the leash) was groomed today. Here is she and her grooming buddies prior to her haircut:



I’ll switch over to Safari WordPress and see what I have.

There is a photo gallery supposedly embedded prior to this sentence but I can’t get it to display. However it did give me the ‘ids=’ numbers I need for a gallery. Following, I’ve copied and modified a code sample from my auto show post, changing the photo ‘ids’ numbers to those the invisible code gave me. Perhaps this mix of misc pix will work:

Ahh. Success. This is going to be fun. (Must remember, insert gallery from Safari WordPress, modify code to reflect ‘ids=’.) Bottom line, keep it simple. Very simple.

If I was doing the definitive review or tutorial (which I’m not) I might include the following in a summary:

1. Create the post in iPad WordPress. Be sure to go into Settings (the gear symbol) and set the post to Draft, else you are liable to publish it to the public before you have barely started. I personally set my posts from Standard to Gallery also. That is your preference based on your own blog theme.
2. Add all photos and galleries first via Safari WordPress. I had no problem loading pictures to the IPad via my Apple SD memory card adapters. You may want a little text here to identify galleries, but I found it difficult.
3. Back in iPad WordPress do most of your writing about the photos.
4. Save your work and use Preview often.

Alternative: Use Safari WordPress only, and the Text tab rather than Visual tab only. I’m liking this more as I finish this post.
Note: You will need internet access to use Safari WordPress and to have the post updated between there and the iPad WordPress.

Keep it simple. (?!) See you on the road.

[Hitting Save Draft one more time, then Publish.]

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