Thanks to recent viewers

Yet a few more viewers have stumbled upon my blog.  THANK YOU!  I want to acknowledge you and refer people to your own blogs, which I find outstanding without exception.

I will probably overlook mentioning someone.  SORRY.

DON’T FORGET LESLEY CARTER.  This woman is really going for it in living life to the fullest.  Check her blog and VOTE FOR HER in her bucket list contest efforts:
Suggestions from the People that Know Best and Biggest Baddest Bucket List (scroll down to vote).

Recent new viewers:

mrmeng (People photographer.  Great.) Sample:


Evelina Galli  (Great fashion photography, fashion drawings, commentary.  Talented!) Check this post:

Street vs. High Fashion

amirhejazi  (Fascinating photos.) Sample:

honeyComb  Beautiful photos.  10,607 followers!!

   seedbud  (BEAUTIFUL poetry and photos.)

   Hannah Burke :

Quote of the Day

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.” ― Anne Frank

 frank lacey  A writer, some of it playwright style.

arvind yadav  Spiritual, Bhagvat Gita, Rumi, Indian Philosophy.  Woof!

Rick Mallery  A novelist!

Cristian Mihai  Fascinating self-publisher.

iGameMom  Reviewer of good mobile app games for kids.

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