Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Friday

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I’m not posting everyday on this trip. Trust me. I know this. Really.  These pix are mainly for the benefit of those that hang out at the Timberwolves Facebook site and couldn’t attend the reunion.

I am excited to hear that the attendee count is not the previously reported 132 but more likely close to 170, with about 40 of them WWII veterans and/or spouses. (WWII spouses are ‘veterans’ too.)  If I get a more accurate count I’ll let you know. (I know I can count the vets Sunday morning when they sit together for the memorial service.)

Today is bus tour day to Santa Fe via the Turquoise Trail road parallel to I-25. They should call these reunions the Timberwolves Travel Tours as we do and see a lot in addition to honoring WWII vets and the meaning of freedom.

While we’re waiting to board the bus local TV Channel 7 interviews some of the vets:
(Select photos to enlarge.  Click X in upper left corner to return.)

On the Turquoise Trail we pass a lot of rolling countryside as well as the artsy little town of Madrid (pronounced a very un-Spanishlike MAD-rid, not Mah-DRID).

In Santa Fe we stop at the La Fonda Hotel for breaks and then go to the Loretto Chapel with its highly unusual spiral staircase and mysterious story thereof:


Next we go to the San Miguel Church, the oldest church structure in the U.S.  (When did those pilgrims arrive ‘back east’?  Jamestown 1607, I guess.)  A few of us head on for a quick look at the state capitol building.

Some of us return to the La Fonda Hotel to have lunch, then a short bus ride takes us to the Bataan Museum.  The museum outdoor display references the fact that New Mexico contributed many anti-aircraft units in WWII and many New Mexicans were involved in the Bataan Death March.

After a drowsy ride back to Albuquerque some of us attend the organized dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  The guitarist is outstanding!

Back at the hotel the day and evening concludes with a bit of camaraderie at ‘The Foxhole’.  No pictures.  Top Secret.  Ciao for now.

2 thoughts on “Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Friday

  1. Geoff Lee here, 414/L pup. Great to see the folks if only in pictures. Pleasantly surprised to see Glen and Marilyn Lytle! Please greet the Timberwolves for George and Lily Lee and the whole Lee family. Thanks very much for sharing, John. Please keep the pictures coming!


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